Longines White Turf, St-Moritz

Longines White Turf, St-Moritz

Since 1907, the White Turf St. Moritz has been held every year on three Sundays in February on the frozen lake of the famous Graubünden tourist resort. Attracting many visitors is considered the winter calendar's sporting and social highlight. In 2022, the event celebrates its 80th Grosser Preis von St. Moritz.

The Official Watch of the event is a model from the Longines Spirit collection. This collection takes a new step forward with timepieces forged in titanium, in homage to the world of aviation, where it has its origins. A robust and racy aesthetic and cutting-edge technology give these new models an exceptional character. Proof that the pioneering spirit still blows on the winged hourglass brand.

Picture Credit © St-Moritz Official Website

To enjoy all the pleasures that winter has to offer, Team WorldTempus and the Fine Watch Club put on their most oversized shoes and headed to St. Moritz, Switzerland, to get their adrenaline pumping in the company of Longines, official timekeeper and watch of the White Turf equestrian event since 2015. Taking place on the frozen lake of the Graubünden resort, the White Turf consists of different races: skijöring (jockey on skis, pulled by the horse), flat race (jockey on the horse) and trotting (jockey seated on an installation behind the horse).

Although equestrian competition is a man's world, there are a handful of women, including Sybille Vogt, winner of the flat race "The Grand Prix Longines" on 13 February 2022:

"The jockeying world is a man's world, but there are still a few women in it." says Sybille. "I don't feel the machismo so much, at least towards me, because I have been in this business for a while. However, some women do feel it." Even if there is machismo, she does not feel disadvantaged in the sport: "Women are not at a disadvantage because horse racing does not only require strength; you also have to have a particular sensitivity and create a bond with your horse. Women are more competent in this respect, which gives them an advantage."

by Sarah Delseth on Feb 28, 2022

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